Saturday, June 26, 2010

Peter + Kathryn = 06.26.2010 (Madison, WI)

Peter and Kathryn's Wedding was amazing for many reasons. First, they have an amazing attention to detail and could totally be laid back and enjoy their wedding day as well. Kathyn has these amazing electric blue eyes - I had to grab a close up while we were in the limo. The capital in Madison is a very interesting place to capture images - I love going to spots where I haven't shot before. It was a challenge to find some great spots that had enough shade in them. Andrea the amazing second shooter from Marmalade Skies Photography (and one of Peter's good friends) helped find some cool local spots down by the water. Peter and Kathryn received a polite golf clap from the people hanging out on a hot summer's day.

Some of my favorite shots are below: the group of "Internationals" from Australia & The Netherlands, Kathryn getting a little "backside," and little Claira grabbing Paul's "beard."

Special thanks to Ben and Eric for once again manning the video cameras. This was a family wedding and someone (Peter and Kathryn?) had the amazing foresight to put our family in a room that was about 40 feet from the dance floor. So, our three little boys could hit the sack while Martha and I, well, kept partying since it was our 11th anniversary!

Thanks to both families for an amazing weekend! -Judd, Andrea, Eric and Ben

Friday, June 18, 2010

Terry + Jodie = Married 06.18.2010 (St. Francis of Assissi Catholic Church & Afton Alps)

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Terry and Jodie are a great couple and we had an awesome time capturing their wedding day! We took a stroll down to the bluffs and captured some great images with the boats in the background. After escaping the humidity, the ceremony was beautiful and before you knew it, it was official! Beautiful Afton Alps was the backdrop for a fun reception. Terry and his buddies were the second group to do the "Louisville Chugger" that we've seen. Fun stuff! Some of our favorite images:

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Studio J and Judd Sather Photography - New Artist Gallery!

We had a great showing last night at our Grand Opening for the new Artist Gallery! We are featuring creative works by 9 artists including our own landscape photography. We have original pottery, paintings and drawings on display and for sale. Thanks to everyone who helped make the Grand Opening a success and we look forward to spreading the word in the future. Feel free to stop by and check out the work! It's across the hall from our studio in downtown Stillwater.

Featured Artists:
Judd Sather
Bruce Leventhal
Scott Kopp
Tony Yocum
Kristi Sullivan
Melissa Peifer
Students at the FLW School of Architecture
Lee Sather
Rebecca Krueger

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Jake + Kate = Married 06.13.2010 (Minnesota Landscape Arboretum)

This was Aron's and my first time at the University of Minnesota's Landscape Arboretum. What a beautiful place to hold a wedding and reception; a regular Photographer's creative dreamland. The ceremony was held in a rose garden that just happened to bloom shortly before the wedding day. Wyatt the rambunctious ring bearer was smiling for every shot and as you can see, was very careful to guard his soda from possible thieves. Everyone present gathered for a group image on a hill by the ceremony location, so cool! Kate told me a bit about her camp days with Jake and said that, although it looked a little rough, that her hip checks to Jake and his return kicks were full of love. Kate enacted a situation where she was a demanding wife, but don't worry Jake, I think she was kidding... In the waning daylight we got the bridal party out and into the Uuf Da Palace, I think that image speaks for itself and it's unique appearance.

Thanks for a great day!

Josh and Aron

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Doug + Taryn = married 06.12.2010 (Eagle Brook Church)

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With all this rain you'd think our lakes would fill back up! Actually it was just kind of a light rain but it lasted almost all day. Doug and Taryn are super laid back and both have great laughs - amazing qualities for a happy life together. Doug really loosened up when we grabbed some images with the bridesmaids. Right Dougy? Taryn, aka "Peanut" and her dad, aka "Pops" had an emotional first sighting - I always love the access we have as photographers to get a front row seat to these events. Pops had this sweet yellow '56 Chevy all decked out with his "newlyweds on board" yellow caution sign. The old el Camino was a sweet ride too... love the black and white of it below.

We stopped for a few shots in White Bear at the gazebos (see the rain?) and then found this really cool textured wall in an alley nearby. At the end of the night Bre and Megan modeled the final shot for Doug and Taryn and the evening came to an end. Have fun up north and the "Back to the 50's" weekend you two! -Judd and Jessi

Monday, June 07, 2010

2011 High School Senior Ambassador Portraits

We are now accepting senior ambassadors from Hill-Murray, Mounds Park Academy, Stillwater, Cretin, and Mahtomedi for a modified program including a complimentary Elements session, discounts on prints, and a little bit of fame with your face plastered everywhere! :) Here is the form:

Here are our ambassadors from North and Forest Lake:






Saturday, June 05, 2010


My dad recently returned from Africa and got some amazing images - check out the video:

His words: "While this brief blog is wild life, the trip was an immersion in culture and connections with dear people half worlds away.
Truly unforgettable but even more transformational, a challenge to re-evaluate values, priorities and the rhythm of life.
Music, dance, laughter, orphan children leaping for joy and outdoing one another in impeccable harmony…
I shall never see the world or myself in quite the same way, thinking now of new friends and new faith in the future."

There will be a cool collage of 11 of the the black and whites going in our gallery. Details to follow on our open house!

The slow video:

The fast video:

Matt + Andrea = married June 5, 2010 (Trinity Lutheran Church Lindstrom, Rudy’s Red Eye Grill/White Bear Country Inn & Suites)

Hands down, awesome bridal party! We had a little rain, but that didn't stop us from having a good time. I have never seen such a cool way to remember who was present at the wedding, check out the "family tree" made up of finger prints and signatures. Thanks Matt and Andrea!